ana + edwin // sebastopol couples session


“I thought he was weird. He was cute but he talked a lot.”

That was Ana’s first impression of Edwin. She saw him at the community clinic, where both of them used to work. She didn’t think too much of him, as he was seeing someone else at the time.

He thought she was cute. Like, really cute. After some time had passed and the opportunity was there, Ana invited Edwin to the movies. It was awkward at first, but gradually they spent more time together until they moved into their first apartment and just couldn’t believe that this relationship was happening.

Sometimes he would say really stupid things, which sets Ana into fits of loud laughter. Sometimes Ana would make references to the shows and videos that they’ve watched together, and then both of them would laugh uncontrollably at the same time.

Ana and Edwin, thank you so much for letting me capture the love that you have for each other. The way that you two interact with one another makes me laugh SO MUCH. You two are so easy going and just genuinely really love one another 💖😘

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Love is just something you feel. It's pretending you're full so they can have the last slice of pizza. It's going out of your comfort zone to make someone happy. It's doing anything for someone and knowing they would do anything for you. —Ana


Love is actually something I think is easy. It means being able to share moments and experiences with someone you WANT to share those with, and it comes easily. It requires work but the kind of work you look forward to, to understand that person. Love also means being completely comfortable with someone. Almost as if you were not with someone and were able to speak freely and act freely. —Edwin