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I met Shana & Matt at UC Davis- we all met at the same fraternity (Zeta Upsilon Chapter - Phi Sigma Pi)! Shana and Matt had already known each other before the fraternity, but they were still friends at that moment. Lo & behold, as the years gone by, and some things were being worked out, the universe brought Shana and Matt together!

We hadn’t seen each other since our college graduation (omg, that makes me feel so old now lolol), and they had been living in SF for a couple of years now. Fun fact: both Shana and Matt completed the nursing program at USF! Matt received a job offer at Johns Hopkins, and thus they both made the decision to move to the East Coast. I thought it would be a great idea to take couples photos throughout the city, almost like they’re saying goodbye to the city. They took me to several spots that they really liked, including Land’s End and the Palace of Fine Arts.

They are HUGE foodies, and I am a foodie as well, so we obviously had dinner together after photo-taking to celebrate their accomplishments.

Shana + Matt, I wish you nothing but the best as you continue to pursue your endeavors. The city will always be here to welcome you back ❤

Enjoy the letter that Shana wrote on her experiences living in the city!


If you told me five or ten years ago that I would be living in San Francisco, I would probably just laugh in your face. In my eyes, San Francisco was a busy city full of hills and an overwhelming amount of confusing streets and overrated hipster coffee shops that I was nowhere near fond of. But wow, was I wrong. When I moved there in 2016, I was still pretty much against city life, but living in the Outer Sunset with Ocean Beach just two blocks away, and having a boyfriend that grew up in the city (hence, had no problem driving around) made it bearable.


As time went on, we explored everything from the beautiful nature hikes at Fort Funston and Lands End, bike-riding through the historic Presidio and Golden Gate Park, fine-dining in the Marina or Pac Heights, shopping for vintage clothes or healing crystals on Haight, and of course my favorite past time — rooting for my Giants at AT&T (now Oracle) Park with the amazing scene of the Bay at sunset.


Coming from San Jose that is a comfortable 75 to 80 degrees year-round to encountering San Francisco's Karl the Fog (every. single. day especially near Ocean Beach), I quickly got used to the cold weather, especially if it gave us an excuse to eat our favorite meal ... (wait for it), ... shabu. Shabu Club (omg, yes), Kufuya (love you guys), and Shabu House (mmm) made living in the city all worthwhile.


All in all, whatever mood we were in, the city had something to offer. Feel like a chill day? Let's go to Succulence in Portero or hang out at Bernal Heights. Sunday Funday? Let's get Bi-Rite and Dandelion Chocolates in the Mission (or if you're feelin' extra adventurous, let's get some Vietnamese food in the Tenderloin). Weekday date night? Off The Grid near Kezar or Fort Funston. If you're with Matt and I, we'll probably drive to Boba Guys afterward on Fillmore near Japantown, (where he'll also point out his old high school — Sacred Heart. Everytime.)


BUT YES, SO MANY GREAT THINGS. I'm getting so sad writing this because I'm no longer in the city, but I definitely fell in love with it, and the three years I spent there with Matt holds a special place in my heart. Also, shout out to our amazing landlords Bob and Geri, they definitely made this city feel like my second home (free parking and premium sports channels, ayyy). We'll be back SF! I love you!!!


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