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This family knows how to celebrate and have fun! Darcy and her siblings wanted to throw their parents a surprise 50th anniversary party because 1) their parents deserve it and 2) their parents don’t normally treat themselves out as often as they should. The fun part was that everyone is in different states: Darcy and her brother live in Texas, and her two sisters live in California. What was most exciting was that Darcy and her siblings were able to invite lifelong friends that Carol & Al (their wonderful parent!) haven’t seen in a while!

They hosted the party at Retzlaff Winery, a quaint winery in the East Bay with the cutest outdoor area for dinner and cornhole. The weather was slightly warm but cooled down as the evening rolled in.

Jessica (one of Darcy’s sisters) convinced their parents to come to the winery under the pretense that Jessica won an award and that she needed them to come to the awards dinner. The best part was that Carl & Al didn’t question her at all- they just went right along with it 😆

Carol & Al, it is so clear that you two are loved dearly by your family and friends. Thank you for having me be a part of this celebration, and I wish you more years of love and laughter ❤

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Venue: Retzlaff Winery
Catering: Simple Elegance


From Darcy: We were all pretty nervous because it was a surprise for our parents, and we knew they didn't want to have a party. We really wanted to celebrate their 50th, so we decided to do it without them knowing!!


A special moment for me during the party was When my dad got up and said a few words about how much we all meant to him and that we pretty much nailed the most perfect party for them.


I especially want to thank MY SISTERS!! Oh my gosh, without both of them, this would not have even sort of been possible. Tiffany is THE MOST creative crafter in the world! Jessica is the most creative liar (needed her to get the photos of my parents and actually get them to the party), and she is the best on her feet because she ran around and knocked tasks out no problem. Like seriously, I feel so fortunate that they were on my team!


I would definitely recommend having a photographer for your event! Do it! One of the things I loved best about having a photographer there was that none of us had our phones out and none of us even felt compelled to need to take pictures. And the BEST part about that?? My sisters and I will actually be IN the photos! That like never happens!


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