lily + sam // santa rosa pet photographer


It always warms my heart when people want photo sessions of their furry family members- they deserve portraits just as much as anyone else.

Lily is the puppy while Sam is the senior cat (more than 10 years old!). We did the photo session in Anne’s backyard, so right at home for the two precious animals. While the majority of the photo session focused on Lily, I wanted to make sure that Sam had his moments as well! Lily, being her true beagle self, was always sniffing the ground and being extra alert if she heard any noises.

Both Lily and Sam follow Anne everywhere, which is so precious. Sam is a senior cat that is always observing and loves to climb in the tree in the backyard- he also enjoys treats and pets.

Anne, you are blessed with wonderful pets- thank you for taking care of them and loving them to the fullest. I’m sure they are aware of how lucky they are as well, and I’m humbled to capture these moments for you 🐶😻


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