nancy's birthday celebration at ledson winery // kenwood event photographer


Nancy is a sweet angel who celebrated her birthday last year at Ledson Winery in Sonoma County. It really is a quaint winery in a castle-like building 😮

Her family and closest friends gathered on this beautiful spring day in April, and everyone was merry with wine, telling stories and memories that they have with Nancy. I felt blessed to be surrounded by so much love and laughter 💖

From Nancy: First of all, I just wanna start by saying that I LOVE birthdays. I think they are such a special day for someone. I can only speak for myself when I say this, but I always feel so loved on my birthday. I love seeing everyone I love so much come together to celebrate another year of life with me. That is most important for me- having my friends and family together to ring in another year.

When I was planning for my 24th birthday, it was important that I pick a place where everyone can come together and enjoy the beautiful day. I picked Ledson Winery for the view (of course). That castle is amazing! And I wanted to do a bit of wine tasting because it was something that a lot of my friends and fam hadn’t done yet, and I wanted to experience that with them. It was also an excuse to get dressed up, and anytime I can do that is a good time for me haha 😂.

Event Location: Ledson Winery


My favorite moment was listening to the people closest to me retell their favorite moments with me. Reliving those moments and sharing them with others is amazing.


This collection of photos from my birthday mean so much to me. They are photos of a very special day celebrated with the most special people in my life. They are a reminder of how lucky I am. They take me back to those exact moments and I smile. I am so thankful to have these photos as a beautiful addition to such a wonderful day.


Cheers to many more birthdays!!

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