maddison + jason // south lake tahoe photographer


Everyone knows that snow adds an extra magical touch to your photos, and let me tell ya’ll, that fresh powder snow did not disappoint for Maddison & Jason’s session!!

We emailed back-and-forth, talking about outfit ideas and getting to know each other a little more. For a couple of weeks leading up to Maddison & Jason’s session, the roads were closed going into Tahoe- the roads were just too icy and super dangerous to drive on. Tahoe was going through a snow storm then, which meant that there would be snow everywhere. EVERYWHERE. We checked the weather forecast quite often. Finally, when we checked a couple of days before the photo session, we expressed our excitement (with a lot of exclamation marks!!!!) that the weather was going to be just what we wanted- clear skies and sun!!

The snow gods delivered 🤣

Maddison & Jason are high school sweethearts! -cue cheesy romantic music- They met at a party during high school, but they didn’t talk too much until way later when Maddison discovered that her and Jason had a mutual friend. Then they hit it off and have been inseparable since then. They married soon after Jason joined the military at 18 years old- thank you so much Jason for serving our country! Maddison & Jason are expecting their baby boy in June, so that is super exciting. The way that they look each other is very sweet. Baby boy has two wonderful parents and a dog brother ready to show him the world!

Of course, they included Arlo, their one year great dane/pitbull mixed doggo, as he is part of their family. He just wanted to play and run around in the snow, instead of taking photos with his humans. He just kept looking at us with his puppy eyes to release him into the snow 🐶

Can we just give Maddison a round of applause for walking in such deep snow in booties while carrying her baby bump!! Jason and I can’t thank her enough for her dedication during this snowy photo session 🙏🙏🙏


To my handsome husband,

I cannot wait to start this journey with the most perfect man, I know you will be the most amazing dad ever to Keegan. He will grow up to be such a perfect gentleman just like you!


Thank you for all you do for Keegan and i- words cannot explain how much you mean to us! I love you so much, and I am so excited to become parents for the first time together! 

Xoxo Madd


Shoutout to my wonderful wife for entertaining my spontaneous adventures and always supporting my passions in life.


I’m so thankful that you’re willing to walk in three feet of snow to take some amazing pictures without killing me. 😅😍 I can’t wait to start our family and take our baby on adventures together. I love you!

your hubby jason


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