dylan // santa rosa senior photographer at sonoma state university


Senior sessions are always near and dear to me, because I remember that feeling of excitement and nervousness as you leave the school world.

After going to community college for two years, Dylan has found the university that calls his name: UCSC! It is a wonderful campus surrounded by nature, and banana slugs have their own charm. Dylan, you’re gonna have so much fun at UCSC! I hope you find the time to go beyond the campus and explore Santa Cruz 😄

Your passion for computer science is awesome, and I know you’ll do good things with it for the world. Keep doing you and your thing, and don’t ever forget where home is! (aka where mom is :).

From Dylan: UCSC offers a UC experience set in the middle of a redwood forest with views of the Santa Cruz coast. As someone who loves Armstrong woods and the beach, I fell in love with the setting when I first visited. UCSC is a leading research university and offers research opportunities for undergrads. I hope to participate in research there and contribute to the scientific body of mankind.


My mother has been an invaluable source of love and support throughout my life and academic career. I'm proud to be attending UCSC and I could not have done it without her .


Knowing that she supports what I am doing and believes that I will succeed has been a leading motivator in not only getting into college but my entire life. —Dylan