cathy + rami // east bay anniversary session in walnut creek and cypress tree tunnel


These two lovebirds have been together since high school, therefore making them high school sweethearts!! Which means they have been through it all and seen the good, the bad, and the ugly 😂 They met each other through Rami’s young brother, as Cathy’s best friend at the time hung out with him. How precious is that! Cathy admires how patient and kind Rami is, and he admires her drive and determination to also become better (not only at what she does, but also at who she is).

Not pictured: our happy smiles and full bellies from the amazing lunch we had at Solfood in San Rafael in between the locations.

Cathy and Rami are both foodies, which meant we became automatically became friends through our mutual love for food (and if anyone knows me, is that I love to eat!).

These two are seriously some of the coolest people ever 🍕🍔🍟🌭🍿🥓 Happy Anniversary to you, Cathy + Rami: I wish nothing but more adventures and more food for you two 💖


Love means having a best friend you can talk to, run to, be intimate with, and receive the same feelings back. —Cathy


Love means sacrifice and understanding why you are willing to make that sacrifice. Love also means to have the willingness to step out of your comfort zone for them. Even though I'm afraid of heights and can't swim well, I still went skydiving and jumped into waterfalls because those are the things Cathy enjoys. —Rami