jaci + joel // san francisco engagement session


The San Francisco Botanical Garden was the perfect place for Jaci & Joel’s engagement session. They both love nature, love living in San Francisco, and love talking walks in San Francisco. Of course, on some lazy days, you can find them chilling at home with their two cats 🐈🐈

There was a lot of laughter and giggles coming from Jaci & Joel during the entire photo session- goes to show that they’re not afraid of being silly with one another 😻

Jaci and Joel met each other at a running club in San Francisco, and they quickly noticed each other in a big group. She found Joel super funny and friendly, while Joel wanted to talk to her on the bus (they both had taken the same bus for the running club) but he didn’t want to seem like a creep- luckily, Jaci got off at the intersection close to Joel’s stop, and from then on, they became inseparable.

Their perfect Saturday consists of: adventuring somewhere, snacking abound, cooking together, and reminding their cats that they still love them.

Jaci and Joel, thank you so much for letting me be a part of this special time in your lives. It’s crazy to think about that a couple of years ago, you two were just engaged and living in an apartment in San Francisco...and now you two are officially married, bought a house together, and traveled to Thailand for your post-wedding celebration!! 🎉

Don’t forget to constantly remind your cats that you two love them (:


Love is unconditionally caring for someone else, wanting the best for them, wanting to be your best for them. Love is comfortable and comforting; it is giving and receiving; it is nourishing and it is ever-developing. —Jaci


Feeling so great that any disagreements or differences are minor because of the overall greatness that is being shared. —joel


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