edwin's birthday tahoe trip // north lake tahoe, ca


In honor of Edwin’s Part Two Tahoe Birthday Trip next month, I would love to share with you all the photos I took last year in Tahoe for Edwin’s birthday (not sure if you could see a theme here, but Edwin likes the snow quite a bit) 🏔

I haven’t been to Tahoe before (I know, crazy!) prior to this trip, so needless to say I was super excited! I decided to try out snowboarding by booking a half-day lesson at the Squaw Valley Ski Resort (it’s where everyone who wanted to snowboard/ski in our group went), and I had so much fun!! I’m totally addicted to it, and of course, I fell numerous times. Honestly, it’s so hard to let go of that fear of not being in control, especially when both feet are strapped onto the board- I gotta get over it. I love the thrill and speed of snowboarding, and I can’t wait to go back and do it again! 🏂

The snow definitely makes everything so magical. I wanted to walk through the streets forever to admire the falling snow and bask in the winter sun. The air felt so clean and crisp, and it seemed like winter wonderland had come to stay. Of course, photos were taken...because how could you not have photos taken in the snow!?!!!

We rented a cozy house to stay for a couple of days. On that Saturday, Ana and others decorated the kitchen with birthday posters and banners. We gathered around in the kitchen that night to join in the birthday festivities- we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Edwin, cheered with drinks, karaoked like no other, had deep conversations about life, and played card games.

Edwin, thank you for inviting me to your snow birthday shinding. I can’t wait to go back again next month!! 🤗

nothing says it’s your birthday than making a snow angel right after being in the hot tub.

nothing says it’s your birthday than making a snow angel right after being in the hot tub.

awww, doggo :D

awww, doggo :D

happy birthday, edwin!!

happy birthday, edwin!!

If you’re looking for photos done in the snow, let’s make it happen!