charlie-bear & christmas // santa rosa pet photographer


Back at their old apartment complex, Ana and Edwin befriended Charlie, the apartment cat. At the time, the apartment manager, Ana, and Edwin all thought that Charlie was a boy, and thus they addressed him as so. According to the manager, he showed up a couple of years ago and no one claimed him- however, everyone at the apartment complex always pet him and gave him treats. Ana and Edwin would worry about Charlie being out in the rain and in the cold, but their apartment complex had a strict no-pet policy.

When Ana and Edwin bought their house, they decided to bring Charlie with them. They took him to the vet, and lo and behold, the vet said that Charlie is actually a girl, not a boy! Perhaps she meowed so often because everyone kept calling her a boy all those years. The vet estimated Charlie to be about seven years old, based on her teeth and health.

Charlie-Bear, as she is affectionately called, enjoys rolling around in the dirt. She is so vocal and definitely not afraid to tell you what she thinks. Ana and Edwin wanted to have Christmas photos done focusing on Charlie, seeing as she had a rough life living out in the streets and now she's living the good life in a warm house with beds and scratchers to sleep on. She's gotten a little bit bigger since moving in as she no longer has to hunt for scraps when she was living on the streets- she loves eating her dry and wet food.

Charlie, you are a fluffy and cute cat- I thank your hoomans for having me over to take festive photos of you!!


We love her terrible jumps when she is playing. She is not the best jumper because of the arthritis in her hip from a past injury, so her jumps are super tiny and cute.


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