the chiv fam // half moon bay family photographer in martin's beach


Children are something else- they just bring so much energy and chaos and laughter into our world, which means it’s never a dull moment in the house.

This is my sister (Julia) and her hubs (Henning) with their three children: Mireille, Keira, and Ian. Thank goodness for me being the photographer in the family, or else they wouldn’t have such photos like these at all!

My sister and the brother-in-law met while studying abroad at the University of Hong Kong- she came from UC Santa Cruz, and he came from Germany. Ain’t that crazy that somehow they decided to study abroad at the same time at the same school. The universe knew something was up for each of them and brought them together.

We went to this relatively empty beach in Half Moon Bay, and it was actually very humid. Ian was very wary of the sand and would only walk on the sand with his shoes on, not off- it was amusing 😂

After the photo session was done, we did the one thing that we love to do as a family: eat!! We drove to Red Robin and consumed much needed food 🍔🍟


The three of you have brought so much fun and entertainment that we cannot imagine life without you. We hope to be a part of every milestone you reach in life and witness you becoming the amazing person you possibly can.


Keira- We love hearing your analysis and your observations, they are so funny! we can't wait to see what passions you will develop as you grow up!


Mireille- we love how you are becoming a beautiful and capable human being. We are amazed at all the things you can do when you put your mind to it. Keep it up and the world is your oyster!


Squish!!! You are the little bulldozer that loves to be squished with kisses and snuggles. We hope you will be the same loving and compassionate young man when you are all grown up.


Love, Mommy & Daddy