aren't you just a bundle of joy - yeah, you!

The love that you and your favorite person have for each other is so freaking precious and cute that I just can't handle it. The way that he looks at you when you're looking at that taco truck down the street is just way too reminiscent of a romantic movie. She's got her weirdness and quirks, and so do you, but somehow you two weirdos found each other in this world, and that's what matters. 

it's all about you and your favorite person


it's about love

It's about being comfortable around each other. So comfortable that sometimes he'll let out a fart or two, and you just snort and laugh cause one) was it necessary to fart right in your space and two) it's just funny. It's about inspiring each other to do good in this world (the world really needs some humanity right now).

Love is such an odd, magical, beautiful thing, and it comes in all forms: love for your significant other, your family, your children, your animals, your friendships. You and your person express love in your own unique manner, through the awkward, the weird, the happy, the terrible, and everything in between. You love through it all because they're worth it. You still choose them, and will continue to choose them through the struggles and hardships, and be there at their best and worst.

Or, you know, it's just about being super silly, eating tacos together, cracking terrible puns and dad jokes, and just laughing through life together.


we may be best buddies if...

You have an adventurous spirit.

Food also makes you happy.

You're obsessed about the small details.

We can talk about Disney all-day.

You appreciate black and white photos.

You believe that love is love.

You love animals and want to incorporate them in your photos.

You’re ready to have your #biggestfan (aka me) cheering you on before, during, and after your photo session and wedding!